Should you get brand new or second hand?

How Much Will You Save on Second Hand Machines?

As the decision to buy equipment on any given business is influenced by several factors, purchasers are careful in making judgment on what and where to buy.

OK. It is well understood that acquiring another machine is justified by users that there is a need to improve and support their business operation. Aside from knowing the basic machine type that you require, remember to consider the following in your next purchase:

1) How much is the budget? Budget is the main driver of any purchasing decision. In order to save time in choosing the right product, FOCUS on what is only you can afford.

2) Specification of machine? Do not dream to get the best specification or brand for a short budget. On the other hand, there may be other brands for brand new units that maybe out there in the market which also offers reasonable deal.

3) Peace of mind? While using your machine, 50% of peace of mind failure comes from buying second hand machines.

Nevertheless, there is no 100% guarantee that brand new machines will not fail. There is a 3% chance that brand new machine fails. However, if there is a chance for a new machine to fail, expect that second hand machine’s failure rate is much higher.

This is a great consideration to think of. Are you buying your machine just to merely have it as additional inventory in your list of tools? Most of the answer will say “no”. Majority will buy machines as part of supporting their business where they have invested more money than the machine would cost. Failure of the machine at the time it is badly relied on becomes a failure of the whole business in general.

RULE OF THUMB: Never save a small amount that will end you up sacrificing the quality and quantity of your business' operation output and your relation to your clients.

4) Warranty: Having said that peace of mind is important, dependable machines would definitely have a warranty. Some second hand machines may offer warranty but remember that this is on a very limited period of time compared than the length of time the brand new units could offer.

REMEMBER THAT: Brand new machines may be priced higher but part of that price is the warranty you paid for A PEACE OF MIND.

5) Maintenance: You would want a longer life for your machine… and you are willing to go through the process of proper maintenance to prolong its life. You are at the right track. But remember, many second hand machines have troubles in spare part sources. Keep in mind that you are using a second hand machine and this machine has been working already for a number of years. Having that said, parts may have been already removed from the assembly line.

On the contrary, brand new units will not give you this kind of problem.

6) Troubleshooting: Most second hand units does not have documentations or user’s manual to guide users in case of a need to correct simple issues in the machine. A brand new unit is provided by complete documentation and unit/system references which will do you away from a lot of headache.

7) Finally, an After-market Technical Support: Let’s say you bought a second hand unit. Then that’s it! Don’t expect more than just getting the unit from the seller. Remember that you have bought a second hand item and mostly will not have after-sales technical support in case you are having issues in running your machine. After your purchase of a second hand unit, it is TOTALLY YOURS and YOURS ALONE including any problems related thereto.

While this is so, the price of brand new units while considerately higher than the second hand provides support to users after purchase. This is part of what you have paid for. And mostly, paying for peace of your mind cannot be compared than what you have just saved for buying a cheap second hand machine(s).

Now that you know the basic. Ask yourself how much is your budget?

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Credits to Author:   Antonio Puda, RCB, Entreprenuer, Influencer

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