Klindex Rotoklin 320

Floor Grinding Machine

Model:  Rotoklin 320

Application:  Floor Grinding and Surface Preparation


rotoklin 320 floor grinding machine sales philippines

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ROTOKLIN is a special machine designed for:

  • Grinding very uneven floors

  • Removal of resins, varnishes, and glues

  • Smoothing of joints

  • Bush-hammering concrete and stone floors

  • Grinding and polishing floors

  • Fast exposing of the aggregate


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Rotoklin 320 Estimated Production

ProcessStepsOutput (m2/hr)
Concrete Grinding135~45
Terrazzo Grinding155~85
Resin Removing125~35
Varnish Removing115~35
* Production numbers may vary according to surface condition, diamonds used, equipment operator, etc.


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Rotoklin 320 Technical Data

Model SeriesMotorVoltHertzAmpereTool SpeedWorking WidthTool SizeWater TankDimension (LxAxP cm)Weight
Rotoklin 3204HP220V50/60161400rpm320mm1 x 320mm18 Liters75 x 120 x 3577 Kgs
Rotoklin 320 VS4HP220V50/6016600~1600rpm320mm1 x 320mm18 Liters75 x 120 x 3587 Kgs