Klindex Levighetor 650

Floor Grinding Machine

Model:  Levighetor 650

Application:  Floor Grinding and Polishing


levighetor 650

levighetor 650 01

Professional floor grinder complete of planetary k1500.  Patented mono-rotating planetary.


LEVIGHETOR 650 is the ideal machine for grinding and polishing medium to large areas.  Thanks to Planetary K1500 with a 20" / 500mm working section and 8"/200mm tools it is particularly fast for polishing large areas.


Very stable and easy to use.  It an fit tools 8"/200mm or 3"/75mm.


Thanks to the Klindex' patented 360º directional wheels that allow to move the machine in any direction, the Levighetor 650 can work in both large and narrow areas like bathrooms and kitchen.


With its powerful 4HP motor, the Levighetor 650 is the only mono-phase machine in the world that can work with additional weights for a total of up to 160kgs (350lbs).

Levighetor 650 Estimated Production

ProcessStepsOutput (m2/hr)
Superconcrete7 8~12
Concrete Grinding140~60
Terrazzo Polishing510~15
Resin Removing140~60
Varnish Removing140~60
Marble Polishing58~12
Granite Polishing73~5
* Production numbers may vary according to surface condition, diamonds used, equipment operator, etc.



Easy to assemble in 3 parts for transport.


The TOP VERSION includes Tank, Pad Holder, Brush, Directional Wheels, and Planetary K1500, standard wheels and kit pad holder velcro baked 200mm.

Levighetor 650 Technical Data

Model SeriesMotorVoltHertzAmpereMotor SpeedTool SpeedWorking WidthTool SizeWater TankDimension (LxAxP cm)Weight
Levighetor 650 TOP4HP220V50/6016155rpm1000rpm500mm3 x 200mm18 Liters65 x 135 x 52122 Kgs
Levighetor 650 VS TOP4HP220V50/6016120-250rpm600 o 1300rpm500mm3 x 200mm18 Liters65 x 135 x 52133 Kgs
Levighetor 650T7 TOP7HP380~480V50/6016200rpm1100rpm500mm3 x 200mm65 x 135 x 52122 Kgs