Klindex Hercules 450

Floor Grinding Machine

Model:  Hercules 450

Application:  Floor Grinding and Polishing




Floor grinder with "DCS System" also known as double cutting system and variable speed.  So quick and easy to assemble.


Hercules 450 series introduces the innovative DCS System that puts in one machine the features of two different machines.  Using the Hercules in counter-rotating mode makes it a performing grinding and polishing machine for concrete.  Using the machine in DCS System mode, the speed of the satellites is increased turning the Hercules into a high performing industrial floor preparation machine.


Suitable for removal of resins and glues, for fast exposing of the aggregates and for fast leveling of very uneven surfaces.



Main Features:

  • Working width 450mm with 3 size 200mm tools
  • Speed of tools ranging from 450 to 1000rpm
  • Strong gearbox with thermo-hardened steel gears for longer life
  • No noise during the operation
  • Auto-leveling Planetary System
  • Unmistakably Italian Design


Hercules 450 Estimated Production

ProcessStepsOutput (m2/hr)
Superconcrete7 7~10
Concrete Grinding130~35
Terrazzo Polishing56~9
Resin Removing130~60
Varnish Removing130~60
Marble Polishing55~8
Granite Polishing74~6
* Production numbers may vary according to surface condition, diamonds used, equipment operator, etc.




Hercules 450 Technical Data

Model SeriesMotorVoltHertzAmpereTool SpeedWorking WidthTool SizeWater TankDimension (LxAxP cm)Weight
Hercules 450 USA2.5HP115V6016550rpm450mm3 x 200mm18 Liters75 x 130 x 48120 Kgs
Hercules 4504HP220V50/6016800rpm450mm3 x 200mm18 Liters75 x 130 x 48125 Kgs
Hercules 450VS4HP220V50/6016450~1100rpm450mm3 x 200mm18 Liters75 x 130 x 48135 Kgs