CPC / CPD / CPE Series Gearbox-driven Screw-type Air Compressors

Gearbox-driven Air Compressors


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Piston-type Rotary Screw-type Inverter-Driven Screw-type Gearbox-Driven Screw-type Belt-Driven Screw-type


The CPC / CPD / CPE Series

40~125hp / 30 ~90kW


Maximize productivity with reliable compressed air solutions


Thanks to the robust design of the gear driven range, you can rely on high quality compressed air for the most demanding applications. The maintenance-free heavy duty gear drive eliminates losses and maximizes productivity.


While components are carefully selected assuring quality and reliability, installation and maintenance is kept simple thanks to the easy accessibility. On top, cooling performance is guaranteed by the oversized cooler package and the high efficiency cooling fan is designed to deliver a high cooling flow at a low noise level.

CPC60 G gear driven screw type air compressor



Robust and powerful compressor

  1. Motor

  2. Air End

  3. Axial Fan

  4. Air Filter

  5. Oil Cooler

  6. Air Cooler





Premium performance through:

Eliminating transmission losses & optimizing running cost; and reducing bearing loads resulting in longer lifetime and extended service intervals.

In-house designed air ends

Unique 4/6 screw profile for premium performance.

Integrated Dryer (Optional)

Saves space and guarantees top air quality.

Easy service and accessibility

Removable panels with hinges to to facilitate accessibility

Small Footprint

Compresses and processes air using just 1.5m2 of area.


Intelligent unload cycling. Constant pressure follow-up. Automatic re-start system.

CPC/CPD/CPE Series Technical Table - Gearbox Driven Compressors Base Mounted 400/3/50

Model7 bar
8 bar
10 bar
13 bar
StartSound Level
(LxWxH, mm)
CPC40 G5600 l/min5300 l/min4700 l/min4000 l/min4030Y/D68~697601420 x 1060 x 1630
CPC50 G6900 l/min6700 l/min5900 l/min4700 l/min5037Y/D70~718401420 x 1060 x 1630
CPC60 G8100 l/min8000 l/min7200 l/min6100 l/min6045Y/D71~728451420 x 1060 x 1630
CPD75 G9900 l/min9300 l/min8600 l/min7400 l/min7555Y/D72~7211001660 x 1060 x 1630
CPD100 G12900 l/min12300 l/min11000 l/min9700 l/min10075Y/D74~7512871660 x 1060 x 1630
CPE100 G14700 l/min13900 l/min12400 l/min10500 l/min10075Y/D71~7215401860 x 1060 x 1630
CPE120 G16200 l/min16100 l/min1460 l/min12000 l/min12590Y/D73~7415701860 x 1060 x 1630