Philippine Center for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training Inc. (PHILCAMSAT)

The Philippine Center for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training, Inc. (PHILCAMSAT) was established on May 26, 1992. Having built a solid reputation based on performance results, the Center is the country’s first maritime training center thrice certified by Det Norske Veritas.

Highly-specialized instructors are commissioned to teach both theory and practical application. As seasoned seafarers, these instructors also provide consultancy services and conduct assessment of deck and engine officers. PHILCAMSAT maintains a current roster of over 130 instructors, majority of whom are active seafarers and certified by the International Maritime Organization. PHILCAMSAT instructors facilitate various courses, ensuring that the technical learning outcome experienced by every seafarer equips with the proficiency to perform his responsibilities effectively.

PHILCAMSAT's strength is reflected in its training module development, backed by state-of-the-art equipment. It also holds the distinction of being the first maritime training center in the Philippines to acquire a Köngsberg Full-Mission Integrated Bridge and Engine Room Simulator.

Filipino maritime professionals can attest to PHILCAMSAT’S world-class competency training that provides them with both up-to-date theoretical concepts and simulated shipboard training to set the stage for their career progression.

The Center’s specialized equipment such as Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Electro-Mechanical Lab-Volt Trainer with Program Logic Control (PLC) and Marine Refrigeration Trainer, recreate an actual shipboard environment including normal and near-miss situations to sharpen the knowledge and skills of the trainees. Investments and upgrades have also been made in the GMDSS Simulator with the acquisition of a Poseidon Pharos GMDSS Simulator and the FESTO Process Automation Work Station.

PHILCAMSAT is committed to produce highly-competent and professional seafarers who will ensure SAFE, SECURE, AND EFFICIENT SHIPPING OPERATION ON CLEANER OCEANS.

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