About Us

A humble beginning


We started out with a very basic conundrum: How can you bring the comforts of innovation with you when you're out finding an easy solution on what pulls you down out there in the production floor or in the field.

In a sprint of our intent to help, we dusted off our engineering experience & logistics expertise and set to work.  We did our research for a solid solution to our customer needs and we always come up with suitable machines employing the help of new technologies.

Within a span of time, we were able to develop support from major suppliers and connected the most useful products to our customers.  We founded JG-RIDS in 2011 and formally registered its name in 2013.  Ever since, we have been a driving force in the different industry.

What we deliver

JG Reliant Industrial Distributor and Services is a source of modern-day technologies necessary in the growth of our industrial partners.  Whether you are in the Construction, Mining or any type of industry, our company is always able and happy to provide our unlimited customer support.

JG Reliant Industrial Distributor and Services focuses on providing not just equipment to use but the maintenance parts and technical services it may need as you use it.

JG Reliant Industrial Distributor and Services helps you increase your productivity while giving high importance to quality.

Our Clientele

We mostly serve manufacturing plants, contractors & construction work projects, beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, automotive industry and among others are the  Mining & Petrochem sectors.

Our Product Range

Our product arrays are from but not limited to the following:

  • Floor Grinding & Polishing Machines, Diamond Tools, Abrasives and Related Chemicals
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Oil-Free & Oil-Flooded Industrial Air Compressors (Screw-type/Piston-type)
  • Portable Diesel Engine-driven Air Compressors
  • Portable Diesel Engine-driven Power Generators (Silent-type & Open-type)
  • Welding Generators
  • Portable Lighting Systems (Diesel Engine-driven, Solar Power-driven, either with LED Lightings or Metal Halide)
  • Pneumatic Jackhammers and Pavement Breakers
  • Electric Submersible Pumps
  • Preventive Maintenance Kits, Wear Parts and Services

Our Credo

Distribution of reliable branded equipment and tools to our loyal customers in the independent markets is our core mission

Providing service to our customers' and vendors' needs while we perform best exceeding their expectations

We make a difference compared to other distributors by providing the best and efficient support to quality customers

We create an environment which motivates our people to achieve maximum sales target

We value our long-term relationships with our vendors, customers, and other stakeholders

We keep our positive vision towards the future by positioning ourselves to take the lead with industry changes while we maintain our commitment to setting the standard in the industry.

Our pursuit and achievement of our mission will result in outstanding customer satisfaction, high job satisfaction for our associates and long term sustainable growth for our vendors.

With this , Everyone wins!


  • 2013
  • Aug. Officially registered company with the Department of Trade and Industry and carried the business style JG Reliant Industrial Distributor and Services thereafter.
  • 2014
  • Jan. Appointed as Authorized Dealer in the Philippines by Klindex SRL (Italy)
  • Sep. Appointed as Authorized Dealer for Chicago Pnuematic brand in the Philippines.
  • 2016
  • Feb. Appointed as Exclusive Authorized Dealer by Klindex SRL (Italy) in the Philippines.
  • 2017
  • May Appointed as Authorized Dealer by Yangzhou Shengyu Engineering Supply Co.,Ltd. to promote and sell HarbinGer brand and products in the Philippines.
  • Jun. Appointed as Authorized Dealer by Zhejiang Universal Machinery Co., Ltd. to promote and sell the Univ brand and products in the Philippines.